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Funded by a $988,290 U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History Grant, this collaborative project between Region 4 ESC, the University of Houston, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is designed to improve teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of American history by creating a comprehensive and sustainable program of professional development that can serve as a model for other school districts throughout the state and nation.

This project emphasizes six key elements:

  • Improving teachers' knowledge of American history as a separate subject matter within the core curriculum;
  • Identifying effective teaching strategies, including collaborative projects and hands-on, active-learning activities, that teachers can use to improve instruction and raise student achievement, especially among students with Low English Proficiency;
  • Training teachers to make effective use of new electronic communication and computer technologies, as well as older technologies, such as tape recorders, to stimulate history learning;
  • Creating a core group of experienced, knowledgeable, well-trained teacher-mentors who can serve as coaches for other teachers in their schools and for pre-service teachers and teacher training students at the University of Houston;
  • Providing a forum where professional historians, museum professionals, and classroom teachers can interact on an on-going basis and serve each others' needs; and
  • Producing extensive online resources, model lesson plans, and project-oriented activities designed to transform the study of American history by emphasizing collaborative, hands-on projects and active student learning.

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For additional information: Please contact Debra Williams, Education Specialist Science/Social Studies Services at Region 4 Education Service Center, 713-744-6846 or

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