President-elect John F. Kennedy shakes hands with Father Richard J. Casey, the Pastor, after attending Mass at Holy Trinity Church prior to inauguration ceremonies, January 20, 1961.President Taft at the inauguration ceremonies; a severe blizzard hindered the ceremonies, March 4, 1909.President Richard Nixon waving to the crowd from the Presidential limousine in the inaugural motorcade, January 20, 1969.Harry S. Truman taking the oath of office in the Cabinet Room of the White House, April 12, 1945. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in open car on way to White House after the inauguration, January 20, 1941.Woodrow Wilson and wife riding in back seat of a carriage to second inauguration, March 5, 1917. Bill Clinton taking the oath of office of president of the United States, January 20, 1993. Dwight D. Eisenhower taking oath of office in a private ceremony in the East Room of the White House, January 20, 1957.Ronald Reagan waving during the Inaugural Parade, January 20, 1981.George Bush being administered the oath of office, January 20, 1989. Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as president of the United States as Lady Bird Johnson looks on, January 20, 1965.Project for the Active Teaching of History logo

A Collaborative to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of American History
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Back to Summer Seminar 2002

"The American Mosaic"
Summer Seminar 2002
for High School Teachers of American History
June 10-28, 2002

Week 1: Hidden Histories

Monday, June 10
Morning: "The 20th Century in a Nutshell
Examples of technology resources for the American History classroom
Afternoon: Audrey Crawford, African American and Women’s History Tour of Houston

Tuesday, June 11
Morning: Untold Stories video and Bill Howze, “The Story Behind Untold Stories”
Lunch speaker: Charles Morrissey, Baylor College of Medicine, “Oral History”
Afternoon: "Caste Society in Late 19th and Early 20th Century America and
African American Music: From the Delta to the South Side of Chicago"

Wednesday, June 12
Morning: Martin Melosi, University of Houston, “Urban Development”
The Rise of the Sunbelt
Afternoon: Project Row House and TSU Art Museum

Thursday, June 13
John Lienhard, University of Houston, “Technology and Modernity”
Immigration at the Movies, The Language of Immigration, Comparative Ethnicity
Lunch speaker: Nestor Rodriguez, University of Houston, “Latino Immigration”
Afternoon: 1:30-5 pm George Ramirez, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, “Americanos” at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Friday, June 14
Morning: "Ellen Beasley, Architectural Tour of Galveston

Week 2: Modernizing America

Monday, June 17
Morning: Work in groups
Afternoon: George Ramirez, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, “Screening America” at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Tuesday, June 18
Morning: San Jacinto Monument
Afternoon: Jim Lester, University of Houston, Clear Lake, “The Environment and Environmental History”

Wednesday, June 19
Morning: The Invention of Tradition: Holidays as History
Afternoon: Miller Outdoor Theater, Juneteenth Celebration

Thursday, June 20
Morning: 10 am Tour of Bayou Bend (meet there)
Lunch: Beth Schneider, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Afternoon: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, American Art from the Permanent Collection

Friday, June 21
All day: George Ranch Field Trip

Week 3: Peace, Struggle, and Empowerment

Monday, June 24
Morning: Making Connections
Afternoon: What Every Teacher Needs to Know about New Instructional Technologies

Tuesday, June 25
Morning: Gordon Quan, Houston City Council
Afternoon: Robert Buzzanco, University of Houston, “The United States and the World”

Wednesday, June 26
Morning: The Vietnam Experience
Afternoon:1:30-4 pm Using Works of Art in the Classroom/Wrap-up and discussion at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Thursday, June 27 - Friday, June 28
Trip to Austin

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The Project for the Active Teaching of History

Funded by a major grant from the U.S. Department of Education, PATH seeks to enhance the teaching of American history throughout the Gulf Coast region. A joint project of Region 4 Education Service Center, the University of Houston Department of History and College of Education, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, PATH will host a series of summer seminars for teachers and colloquia for the general public.

For additional information: Please contact Debra Williams, Education Specialist in
Science/Social Studies Services at Region 4 Education Service Center,
713-744-6846 or